Teledyne Energetics

RP-98  EFI Detonator (not ITAR)

Teledyne’s EFIs are the safest of all detonators as they contain only -1901/-1316 approved secondary explosives.  They are approved for inline usage.  The RP-98 is a fully MIL-DTL-23659F qualified design in a 4 pin, TO-5 package.  It comes in two standard output sizes, one suitable for initiating TBIs and ETLs and one with a larger output for initiating booster charges.  Custom output charges are available.


TE-99 EFI Detonator (not ITAR)

This is our newest EFI detonator in a more compact 2 pin package.  It has a strong legacy by incorporating the same bridge, flyer, and energetics designs and materials to achieve performance same as the RP-98 detonator.  This design meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-23659F.   

TE-100 EFI detonator (not ITAR)

Same as the TE-99 EFI 2 pin detonator except the detonator is environmentally sealed.  Energetic content is verified by weight.   It is designed for higher volume/low cost applications.